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Our Bible Games and Christian Skits are great for use in Sunday School, Children's Church, Day Camps, Backyard Bible Clubs, VBS, or After-school Clubs!

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Bible Games
for Children's Ministry 

Bible Skits & Dramas
for Children's Ministry


  Amazing Parable Race A two-hour game and lesson event for children to learn about the Parable of the Sower. A great icebreaker for the start of a new season! (Ideal age group: 4th - 8th grade).

Bible Games Explosion! 52 Bible Games for year-round fun! Need a game on salvation? We've got a game for that?


Bible Stack-O! TM  
A Bible Books Card Game 
(If you like the game Rack-O , you'll love Bible Stack-O!


Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits TM
Christian Skits based on the Gospel According to Mark (Available as an e-book only!)  

Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits TM  
Bible Skits based on the Book of Ruth 
(Available as an e-book only!)

 Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits TM
Bible Skits based on the Book of Esther
(Available as an e-book only!)  


Ten Commandments Activities


While this book is not specifically a Bible game book, many of the chalk games are adaptable for use in children's ministry; see for example, The Lost Sheep game.


* I used your Ruth script as my Bible time with my kids (9 and 7) a couple of nights ago. They love these things! But as you might expect, someone else doesn't (if you know who I mean). Well, suffice to say he tried to disrupt our Bible time by overcoming both of my kids with self-centered urges and had them succumbing to fits of yelling and stomping out of the room because they each had been slighted on the number of parts or lines or whatever it was. 

So, Bible time over right? Satan won, right? Not exactly. My daughter, Ali, comes to me about 20 minutes later and apologizes for her behavior and asks for my forgiveness. Totally unsolicited. She is 7 and this is the first time she has ever done that without being prompted. Hallelujah! What Satan meant for evil is turned into good by God once again. Bottom line for me right now is that these skits have power obviously and should be set up to succeed as much as possible.

~ Steve Cook

* I find these Bible skits to be BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.

* I was intrigued with the Amazing Parable Race description [and purchased it]. It allows me to add another resource to my "bag of tricks" for very little additional cost . . . huge plus! I have many of your resources and appreciate the quality of the materials you provide. For a broadly graded class, I find I can easily reach the youngest and the oldest (Preschool through 5th grade) children. Thank you! 
~ Lauren F.